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Guidance and mirrored inspiration to break through that which is false.

Life can be weird... Being a human is a strange concept. As beautiful as it can be at times, it can also be uncomfortable, even hellish, especially when you feel like you understand something that no one else around you does. For the last 15 years, I've been on a journey, exploring all facets of life, to discover what makes absolute sense, what is true in a world of falsehood, how to exist in truth, to see everything as it is. As lonely as the journey can be, I want to remind you that you are not alone. There are other folks out there who understand what you are going through, who, like me, went through hell and got through to the other side.

After years of searching for support along my own journey, I saw the shortcomings of so much of what was out there, whether it be too expensive, too rigid, to infrequent, or simply designed to keep you stuck in a loop. My journey started after going through a deep depression, but instead of trying to run from it, I went through it, and woke up on the other side.

Waking up, enlightenment, and the pursuit of truth, as spiritual as they may sound, are actually quite mundane things. They can happen to anyone, whether they are seeking them or not. Once you've seen the matrix for what it is, you can't unsee it. Sure, you can pretend, act, play a character and try to fit in, but deep down it's nearly impossible to unsee what you now know is real. That's where guidance and support come in.

Don't think of me as a coach, or some spiritual teacher who has created a catalogue of lessons and practices to follow. Instead, think of me as a guide, someone to remind you that you are on the right path, someone who has been there for a long time and can show you around, show you how this new reality you have stepped into works. If you are interested in such support, I am happy to get on a call to discuss what that might look like.


Email me at to schedule a free call where we see what kind of work we can do together.

What I Offer

There are a few ways that I work with people, and the best way to figure out what works for you is to schedule a call with me so we can see if there is a good resonance. The sessions are customized based on the person, but the spaces I work in are; guiddance and life support, mindful eating and cooking, music activations, and ceremonial cannabis work. It may seem like a lot, but these are the things that I have dedicated my life to and take great joy in sharing.

One on One

For one on one sessions, both virtual and in person (Boulder, CO), I have a moving scale, depending on what oyu can pay, betwen $150-300 per 60 minute session, less if you want to sign up for multiple sessions. Some find that one session is all it takes to get clarity, others prefer ongoing support. These sessions are a blend of talking and offering guidance, some movement/practice work, as well as whatever else feels necessary in the moment to support you best. And besides, I'm not the marketing type, I have no idea what to charge, or how to sell this kind of thing. Yet I recognize more and more ask me about it, so, alas, here we are.


I offer group mindful eating and cooking sessions. In these classes we pick a cuisine or ferment and, while connecting as a group, we explore simple ways to make the foods you love. Some examples are baking sourdough , fermented vegetables and mead and wild alcohol making.

Cannabis Ceremonies

Cannabis, however recreational it has become, is an incredibly sacred medicine, and if consumed in the right conditions, can offer a ton of guidance and support. I've been working with cannabis for over a decade and feel very connected to the spirit of the plant. I offer online and in person cannabis ceremonies, both individual and groups, starting from $250 per person and lasting 3+ hours.

How I Work

I work in an intuitive manner, pulling upon my gifts and tools to get you into a clear space of knowing. I will help you navigate through the fear, the noise, the wild stuff that doesn't make any sense, so you can connect with the truth of who you are and live from that place. I have a gift of being able to see things for what they are and reflect back what you may have trouble seeing yourself.

Email me to inquire about sessions: You can email me at, or fill out a form below.

And if you aren't looking for direct support right now you can check out my books, which all go over these concepts through different mediums. "Conversations With Your Best Friend is a good place to start. They are all free to read. We also offer in person retreats and events, learn more below.


How to awaken your musical gifts and experience music as a tool for healing and connection.


How I discovered the joys of walking, hiking, running and dancing barefoot and learned to love my feet.


A no-recipe cooking book about a journey from fear to fast food to fame to freedom.


A no-self help book about all the things our parents didn't teach us. Live outside the matrix and in a world of possibility.

Hey there, I'm Yoshua. Rather than tout my "accolades" let me just say that for the last many years I have been acting as a guide, supporting others to pull back the mask of fear and illusion and live a life in truth, an author of their own life. I express these "bigger" concept through simple and common parts of life such as connecting through music, mindful cooking and living barefot. When we begin to question what we know about any one part of our life, we can't help but want to look at the other things, for if what we were taught wasn't true, what else have we blindly been believing for so many years? All of the books, videos and other content I create are to guide those seeking clarity in this wild thing we call life. If you are here you have already woken up and are seeking guidance on how to navigate this new life.

Now that you've taken the most important step, perhaps what I have to share can support you along your journey in making sense of a previously sensless world. I give all of my books away for free, I don't monitize my videos, everything I share is in there, but if you'd like more actionable and focused support, you can check out my online course on LIVING BAREFOOT as well as my INTUITIVE MUSIC SCHOOL. I also offer in person guidance sessions and personalized retreats, email to inquire or click the link above. We also offer cannabis ceremonies, a plant ally that I consider to be incredibly supportive on this journey through life for those that feel the call.

If you are interested in getting in contact with me;

In Person Events and Private Retreats


These 4-day retreats are for up to four people and are focused on exploring the polarities of silence, awareness and sound as a gateway into the resonance of truth—that which cannot be simpler.

We infuse the container with reverence, beauty, and presence of ‘what is’. The way becomes clear and obvious as it unfolds throughout the adventure of life. We surrender the need to figure it out intellectually, and rest into trusting the divinity that shines through all.

*We also offer customized private retreats available upon request for 1-4 people. Click below to learn more.

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