Greetings friends. If you've found yourself here it means you may be interested in learning more about the things I enjoy sharing--simple and essential life things that often go overlooked and unseen. This isn't the flashy new age healing stuff, it's simply the essence of what is, explored from a place of truth. Each option below leads you down a new path of possibility. Whether you are looking to step out of the matrix, remove the mask of fear, free your feet, open your voice, dive in to mindful eating or something else, may you find what you are looking for.

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How to awaken your musical gifts and experience music as a tool for healing and connection.


How I discovered the joys of walking, hiking, running and dancing barefoot and learned to love my feet.


My journey breaking my terrible eating addiction and creating a mindful relationship to all the things that I consume.

A no-self help book about all the things our parents didn't teach us. Awaken from the dream.

Hey there, I'm Yoshua. Rather than tout my "accolades" let me just say that for the last many years I have been acting as a guide, supporting others to pull back the mask of fear and illusion and live a life in truth, an author of their own life. I express these "bigger" concept through simple and common parts of life such as connecting through music, mindful cooking and living barefot. When we begin to question what we know about any one part of our life, we can't help but want to look at the other things, for if what we were taught wasn't true, what else have we blindly been believing for so many years? All of the books, videos and other content I create are to guide those seeking clarity in this wild thing we call life. If you are here you have already woken up and are seeking guidance on how to navigate this new life.

Now that you've taken the most important step, perhaps what I have to share can support you along your journey in making sense of a previously sensless world. I give all of my books away for free, I don't monitize my videos, everything I share is in there, but if you'd like more actionable and focused support, you can check out my online course on LIVING BAREFOOT as well as my INTUITIVE MUSIC SCHOOL. I also offer in person guidance sessions and personalized retreats, email to inquire or click the link above. We also offer cannabis ceremonies, a plant ally that I consider to be incredibly supportive on this journey through life for those that feel the call.

If you are interested in getting in contact with me; youenjoylifemusic@gmail.com

In Person Events and Private Retreats

Mindful Sourdough Class March 24th 12-230pm.

We have been hosting mindful and laid back sourdough making classes, designed to teach you the art of sourdough. We offer classes for individuals as well as groups and create a customed experience for you and your friends. Interested? Email me at youenjoylifemusic@gmail.com

Sacred Rest Retreat

We have a baby on the way, and as excited as we are, we also recognize that we need some space from retreats, so we are taking a pause while we shift into this new life as well as move onto a 5 acre homestead to be. You can learn more about our retreats HERE and we can stay in touch as we start hosting again in the spring.

*We also offer customized private retreats available upon request. Click below to learn more.

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