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For those that want to think outside of the box to spread their message online, grow their brand and find their voice through social media and the online world.

How to find your authentic voice online without losing your damn mind!

Before I dive into what I do, let me ask you a few questions. What drives you to create content online? What excites you about being an influencer? Have you considered what it means to have a large online audience and the impact you can make? These may seem like simple questions, but all too often, people jump into the world of content creation without giving much thought to the bigger picture. If you're feeling called to share your message online but need guidance and support to get clear on your purpose, navigate the business side of things, and find sustainable ways to avoid the infamous "creator burnout," then you're in the right place. However, if your only goal is to get famous or gain a million followers overnight, what I offer may not be for you. I wish you well on that journey, but for those who are ready to truly thrive in this space, let's dive in.

About My Services

I understand that being a content creator or an "influencer" is one of the most desirable careers nowadays, with the abundance of platforms and the ease of blowing up and becoming famous overnight. It's enticing to many in our culture—the fame, money, power, influence—but the truth is, most people don't realize what it actually means to be a content creator and to influence people online. They're so focused on the end goal and on being seen in a certain way that they often lose themselves in the process. I've seen it happen a hundred times.

However, there is a way to share what you're passionate about online without getting lost in the chaos of a seemingly endless pool of random content. There is a way to stand out, make a living, inspire people, and find freedom in your work.

As a content creator with over 10 years of experience, I've decided to take a backseat in sharing my own stuff and focus on supporting digital media creators to find their authentic voice online and share their message in an easeful way that is sustainable and fulfilling. We all know that social media can be addicting, and trying to find a meaningful connection with an audience can often burn creators out with the constant changes in trends and algorithms.

While many consultants and social media advice focus on analytics, trends, and "playing the game," I'm here to support you in finding your voice and learning about what it really means to grow a business online, not just for the sake of having a certain number of followers. I want to help you develop a solid foundation, find your niche and voice, and the right platform that works for you.

Whether you're a casual creator who happened to go viral and isn't sure what to do with all of the instant success, you've been at it for years and haven't had the success you want, or you're looking to branch out and find more freedom in your life by sharing what you love online, I've been in almost every situation you can imagine and have an endless sea of insight to help guide you. If you want to know more you can read on or email me at to set up a complimentary call so we can see if there might be a good fit.

Over the years, I've worked with countless brands, ranging from small local brands to some of the biggest brands in the world (Gt's Kombucha, Samsung, Dunkin', Nellie's Free Range, Sabra, Dropbox, Smirnoff, etc). What I've discovered is that no matter what brands may approach you, if you don't have a clear understanding of your own brand, your own path and direction, you can easily dilute your worth and get lost doing things that don't feel right. The same goes for networks and TV—when creators get approached by large networks to make their own show or series, they often feel like a deer in headlights, unsure of what to do.

Maybe signing a deal makes sense, or maybe you can make more and have more control and freedom doing your own thing. Either way, without guidance and clarity, it can be scary and confusing. That's another reason why I started offering my consulting services—I have so much invaluable experience to support others in creating something not only sustainable but something they can thrive in, living a life of their own accord.

I've had times in my creator life where I fell into dark places, confused, taking deals for money, losing a part of myself. Now that I've made it to the other side (so to speak), I may be able to help you avoid some of the pitfalls and struggles that most creators deal with in their career.

Want to work with me? Send me an email at

About Yoshua

My past experiences as a content creator are extensive. I co-created Brothers Green Eats, a lifestyle and cooking channel that amassed over 1.4 million subscribers. I also co-created and starred in a show with the same name on MTV International, which aired in over 150 countries. As the current creator of You Enjoy Life, I have over 150k subscribers across social media and my videos have been viewed over 20 million times. I have experience creating both high-quality, viral videos with production teams, as well as spontaneous viral videos shot on my phone while messing around in the kitchen. I am adept at working in a variety of mediums, from large-scale productions to more intimate, at-home moments. As a consultant and mentor, I have worked with some of the biggest content creators in the world, and I am passionate about sharing what I have learned with others so they can share their authentic message and inspire millions. Above all, I love supporting other creators to do what they love and not get lost in the noise and craziness that can be social media.

Some current/past clients include:

Pro Home Cooks: 3.6 million subscribers on Youtube. One of the premier lifestyle and cooking brands and creator of incredibly successful cooking courses with thousands of students enrolled.

MakeBistro: World renowned chef in NYC, chef to the celebrities, 20k Instagram, has an incredibly loyal and dedicated online social media, a passionate Patreon group and with support of social media sells out his pop up dinners and products immediately.

Who this is for

Have you stopped to really consider your goals for creating content? Are you aware of your audience? Do you have the mental capacity to deal with negative feedback and engage with fans?

Whether you are a content creator that is just starting out and looking for direction, or you've been in the game for a while and are feeling burnt out, my guidance and consulting just might be a good match.

  • Have you had viral success but don't have a good plan to capitalize on it?
  • Are you feeling burnt out from constantly having to follow trends and want to create authentic content that you believe in?
  • Are you sick of social media but rely on it for your business and want to shift your relationship and indentity with it?
  • Are you wanting to break into the world of content creation but don't know where to start?

How I've helped previous clients

Everyone is unique, the way in which we speak, the things we are passionate about, how we like to share, there are seemingly a million different routes you can take in this world of neverending content. Without losing your mind and getting overwhelmed, when I work with you I will be here to guide and support you along the way, whether that be to break into social media or shift from where you are to where you want to be. Some of the ways that I have helped past clients include:

- Helping clients generate content ideas they believe in and support on the best way to authentically share their passions as well as make a living online.

-Support with the mental health side of things, managing expectations, dealing with negative comments, engaging with fans without burning out.

-Support with finding the right platform and how to create content (i.e. how to choose a camera setup, best editing software, lighting, post and pre production).

- How to work with agents, brands, networks and other people in the "biz"

- Support with finding your authentic voice and niche so you don't get lost in the mix of millions of creators

Want to Work With Me?

Currently I work in two formats:

  • Full Project Immersions. This is where we scope out a specific period of time to work together, 1-6 months, and I go all in to support you with all of your needs to grow your online content strategy or launch it. This includes weekly calls for clarity, guidance and support, as well as email support and voice text support.
  • Hourly. For those looking to hire my services on an as needed basis, I work hourly, with a minimum of two hours where we sit down, in person, or on a video call and discuss any of your needs. I can offer support through my experience in any and all facets of being a content creator.

Send an email to to inquire about working together. I offer a complimentary 15 minute consultation.

What People Have Said About Yoshua

  • "By chance I had the pleasure of meeting Yoshua earlier this 2022 year. I learned he has spent years in front of the camera, making content across multiple platforms like YouTube & TikTok and was extremely successful doing so. I am a mom trying to build a following on TikTok and he didn’t hesitate to share all his knowledge with me. Offering me insight, suggestions, and how I can monetize what I’m doing. If you are looking for help in content creation, Yoshua is your guy. You will feel heard, helped, and gain confidence in what you are doing. So thank you again Yoshua, you are so appreciated." - The Amazing Mara
  • "I truly believe that behind every creative professional is a mentor; someone who inspires; gives you perspective that removes you from your own head. That person for me is yoshua. From the day I met him on the street (yes on the street) - he has continued to inspire just by being himself. I’m lucky to have a constant dialogue with him and it’s one of my most cherished relationships in life." - Derek Lucci of MakeBistro

Send me an email to learn more and schedule a free consultation.

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